OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR5 30.79

OneCNCXR5 30.79 contains the following

OneCNCXR5 Milling Versions

This applies to Mill Expert Mill Professional Mill Advantage and Mill Express

There is a new "Profile Plunge" milling feature added to all of these versions

OneCNCXR5 Lathe Multi Axis versions

There is a new "Profile Plunge" milling feature in the "C" axis capability

This applies to Lathe Expert Lathe Professional and Lathe Express with this module capability.

This new function is included in the stock tool paths.

The Profile Plunge provides another solution to profiling deep or thick parts by creating a series of drilled or milled points along or around a profile path. This is especially handy for deep slots.

The Function provides the ability to peck plunge the initial position in the case of a blind start then allows a controlled step over around the remainder of the chained path.

This dialog shows the initial setting and the setting for the remainder.

This picture shows the ability being used in a slot situation. This application uses the setting of no tool offset and just uses the chain as a center line.

This picture shows the function in operation.

This is another example where this function provides good functionality due to the shape and size of the profile compared to the depth and the size of the tool needed to be used.

This shows the function is simulated action.

And the completed path showing a notch that can be a more difficult profile in a thick part that can be handled successfully with this new function. This function is for center cutting tools as well as drilling type tools.

This update also includes many fixes and adjustments which have come from user reports.

Help Files

uThis OneCNCXR5 update includes a new help file system continually ongoing and updated to include current features as well as changes to previous functionality features.


OneCNCXR5 30.72

OneCNCXR5 30.72 contains post adjustment for C Axis OneCNCXR5 Lathe
Some machines and Siemens lathe control in particular does not like to have 0 and 360 degree at the same point so there is now a setting in the post for 0-360 rotational of the C axis where after 359 degrees the next becomes 0 Zero instead of 360 degrees.

OneCNCXR5 30.72 contains post adjustment supporting X Y scale factor in Tool Change
When using -Y or -X in the post scale factor to reverse the direction of travel in the post the X and Y was was not supported in the Tool Change format. This change now supports the reversal in the tool change format.

OneCNCXR5 30.72 contains adjustments for Mill Profile
Adjustments were made to mill profile to better handle open shape profiles when the first and or last entity is an arc.

OneCNCXR5 30.72 contains adjustments for Z level Finish
There was an adjustment made to Z level finish because it was found some users were using End Mills as finish tools instead of Ball or Bull mill tools for finishing 3D shaped parts. This enhancement assists this use.

OneCNCXR5 Mill Expert and Mill Professional HS Z Level Rough
An adjustment was made to HS Z level rough to better handle bad models. In the past if the model was bad and there was a problem in processing the tool path it was recommended that the model to be broken to surfaces. This adjustment assists this and it is now less likely to have to break the model to individual surfaces. 


OneCNCXR5 30.70

OneCNCXR5 30.70 contains further adjustment to the DXF and DWG import and export of files. 

OneCNCXR5 30.70 contains further adjustment for "Arc 2 Points" function

OneCNCXR5 30.70 Mill Expert has adjustment to undercut machining function.

OneCNCXR5 30.70 Wire EDM has post alterations to suit a new Wire EDM machine from Exetek

OneCNCXR5 30.70 Lathe Professional has adjustment for C axis Full Machining