OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR7 Update 50.90

We are releasing today OneCNCXR7 Update Version 50.90

In this version there are quite a few changes.

OneCNC Help File

In the English Version there is a new updated help file now included in the install.
This updated help file also includes information about the new OneCNCXR7 Tool File and Lathe Holder system.

OneCNC Font Attributes.

OneCNC font attributes of Bold and Italic These can now be selected on the fonts that actually have this ability.

If you click on the font in the dialog and the Bold and or Italic become not greyed out this means that you can select these attributes if required.

Chain Text

Chain text was not previously available with line fonts. In this release they are now available.

Leader Arrow Text

The setting of angled font previously cause a detour of the leader and this has been changed in this release.

DXF DWG Export/Import

It was found certain Unicode fonts were not exporting correctly and when imported to other CAD or back into OneCNC the text was not valid. Some of the symbols like diameter symbol were also a problem. In other cases import was not available These have been corrected in this version so import/export should be good now.. 

It should also be remembered that if you are sending DWG or DXF files to other parties for import into their CAD you need to make sure that your settings are suitable. Arrow heads should be not closed type and should be just the open line style to be seen in all other CAD. Users need to use the Windows fonts that are available as a standard install so that other users with CAD in Windows can also read them.

If users prefer to send the better looking dimensions that are capable in OneCNC we suggest they send as a PDF document.

Solidworks 2017

Solidworks 2017 is now released but OneCNCXR7 does not as yet import 2017 files. Files from Solidworks 2017 need to be saved as an earlier version or imported as a STEP file or other until it is available.


OneCNCXR7 Update 50.87

OneCNC Have pleasure in advising that OneCNCXR7 is now being shipped.

This release now has all products and modules included. which means it now included the OneCNCXR7 Lathe Versions

Significant developments in CAD and CAM functionality are included in the latest release of OneCNC CAD-CAM, give users additional speed and quality throughout their design and machining processes.

OneCNC updates in OneCNCXR7 are focusing on the user experience and adding enhancements to allow customers to speed up their design and manufacturing process.

Here is a OneCNCXR7 Video showing the new features of OneCNCXR7.

This is the first OneCNCXR7 update since the release of the software in November.

In this update there are changes to the following:

Localalised translation has been included in the following languages.

Japanese German Korean Danish Dutch French Italian and Spanish. 

DXF/DWG Import
There are changes to the import of DXF/DWG files which now allow for the default font style for importing of these files. To overcome the problem that can arise when importing files a default font can be set because some files may have a font style that you do not have on your PC. This setting is on the first tab of the OneCNC Properties dialog. 

Text Fonts and Dimension Fonts
These can now be selected as an (all) for editing purposes. Example you can select all text fonts and edit them to one style and size. 

When using simulation there were a couple of reports of problems sometimes usually once first time use causing termination.. It is important that your graphics drivers are up-to-date and that your hardware is compatible.We have made some changes in the settings to assist the graphics drivers in these situations for Windows 10. 

For further details please contact your local OneCNC office

OneCNC Offices


OneCNCXR6 Update 40.93

We have released OneCNCXR6 Version Version Update 40.93

5 Axis Additions

This update includes a major update to the 5 axis post ability to suit a machine typically like the Horizontal style CNC machining centre.

This is essentially for a horizontal style 5 axis machine and the 5th axis rotates around the X axis.
If you have a 5 axis machine that you believe has this configuration it is essential that you contact your OneCNC support office for assistance in using this function.

 OneCNCXR6 Languages

There is a major update to the Chinese Traditional language version.


There was a change made to the EDM shape function. Previously the leave for finish was leaving greater than the set amount.

OneCNCXR6 Mill Drilling

Changes were made for a drilling depth problem found in Siemens Machine Cycle posts.  

This OneCNCXR6 Version update 40.93 is now abailable in the update server