OneCNCXR8 Release 62.50

OneCNCXR8 Version Release 62.50

Importing Models
This release included a major update to imported models using Solidworks STEP IGES Parasolid SAT and VADfs. .
This update assists importing models with problem surfaces.

Drill Cycle
Simulation/preview was adjusted to show the G98 retract to rapid plane which may have indicated a collision when in the machine cycle there would not have been.

Drill Plunge Clearance
There has been a correction to the drill plunge clearance.

Smart boundary
Using bore rough has had adjustment to prevent termination when using smart boundary

Mill Profile Angle
The second dialog for wall angle was using radians this is now using angle.

Print Preview
This has been corrected to remove error messages about paper size

The dimension value was being overwriting when a diameter radius or degree symbol was added.
Dimension line was not angled if outside extension lines

Constant Stepover
This had some internal settings changes due to supplied support files.

Change to DXF Import
There was a problem importing DXF Files

Taper tool Vertical
There was a change to taper tool vertical setting

OneCNCXR8 Release 62.50 is available in the OneCNC update server.